Find bathrooms using the best technology available.

Technology has really paved the way for a more convenient and better way of living. Most if not all of the people living in this world have somehow experience the wonderful benefits of using various kinds of technological developments. Regardless of the country we live, the cultures or traditions we follow, at some point in each and every one’s life they have benefited from the use of technology.


Years ago, there were already a lot of sicknesses and diseases that people acquire. Due to lack of medication and knowledge of what it really is, the mortality rate was very high. There were no studies or researches back then to help people be aware of what kind of illness they have and what possible treatments they can get to give them a longer life. However, nowadays with all the state-of-the-art machines, equipment or tools, people are well informed of the possible sicknesses they have by simply looking at their symptoms. Today, with the help of professionals who are experts in the medical field, people can now battle even the gravest diseases with the use of newly developed medications and treatment procedures. Technology has really helped give each and every one of us to prevent from getting sick which ultimately result to a longer life.


The effect of various technological advancements are used in the different things we use daily. From our mobile devices, flat screen LED televisions, the very useful Internet connection through WIFI as well as uniquely designed kitchen stoves, oven, blenders, juicers, oven toasters and utensils. We can also find bathrooms; with toilets that flushes by itself after using, sinks with tabs or hand dryers that automatically opens when its censor feels something, trash cans with lids that unlocks itself and even bathtubs or shower enclosures with several kinds of features that are very useful.


With the help of technology, everything we have every imagined or anything in our wildest dreams are now possible. A simple click in our mobile phones will allow us not only to talk to our loved ones living in the other side of the world but also actually see them face-to-face. Work can now be done at the comfort of your own home as long as you have an Internet connection. Doing your grocery and other items on your shopping list can now be purchase with the use of interactive websites that will allow you to pay using your credit card and have it delivered anywhere you want. Yes, technology affects us in different kinds of way and most of the time in a positive way. However, just like anything in this world, it also has its downsides, which can also affect us negatively. First, it somehow encourages us to be lazy and rely on machines to do the actual jobs for us. Even the simplest things like opening the curtains or television can now be done with the use of remote controls. Secondly, the lost of personal touch is lessen if not eliminated as we can simply use our devices in expressing and showing our love and affection to another person.


Technology has help our lives in a lot of ways. Nevertheless, we should bear in mind that we should never rely on these machines to do everything for us. We humans are created with brain that will help us do everything our heart desires while these tools and machines are only programmed to do a little number of tasks.




Cleaning A Toilet

It might sound ridiculous to sanitize a toilet. To sanitize a toilet means to remove urine and bowl stains from the toilet. It sounds pathetic and an individual will never volunteer for this task. He would try his best to avoid it. You would not even like to clean your own waste material. It is the most difficult job. The things that irritate you are the foul smell and dirty stains. However, we should understand the significance of bathroom that it can represent us. For example, if you visit your friend’s place and you need to use the rest room, you will go in it. If it becomes hygienic, you will receive a good impression and if it is dirty, you will dislike that person. It is natural we all have a disgust for dirt. Similarly, if someone visits your place, your restroom can be a representative of your personality.

It is very important to keep your lavatory clean or else it can affect your health. Bathroom is always an unhygienic place. You can bring countless viruses and bacteria by just touching a toilet. A research was carried out and they estimated that about one gram of bowl consist of hundred cysts, thousand bacteria and ten hundred thousand viruses. This is an alarming fact. With this, we can interpret the harm of bowl stains. Some people ignore it and they do not consider it important to sanitize their toilets. We should understand its significance if we are honest with our country and ourselves. The cleaning always starts from the basic level. Basic level includes human beings and their personal effort.

Cleaning a toilet may be a difficult task to do but one has to do it. There are various methods but we will discuss the simple one. Firstly, we will mention the things that will be required while cleaning. We will need rubber gloves, a cloth or sponge, a toilet brush and an anti bacterial cleaner. These things should be kept in bathroom cabinets. You can buy bathroom cabinets from any good company of bathroom stuff.

After the stuff, start applying the cleaner on the rim. It will spread gradually. You can leave it for five minutes. When the cleaner is settled, use the toilet brush to clean it. Rub the toilet brush with force to remove the stains and dirt. After this, close the lid for some time. The cleaner’s smell would kill the bacteria. After that, the worst part comes that is the toilet seat. This is the dirtiest thing in the toilet. Spray the cleaner over it and scrub it with a sponge. Now the final step comes that is to wash it with hot water. Hot water can rinse way the remaining bacteria. It will become completely clean. You will notice the difference. The toilet will shine like a mirror. This is all about your effort. To keep your house dirt free is your duty. You should know how to keep it sparkling especially your bathroom because this is always the dirtiest place.